Richard Scrivener

Richard S head shot

Richard is a Personal Training Coach with over 10 years’ experience within the industry. His coaching philosophy is one of ‘building health from the ground up’ and is a stalwart believer in ‘practicing what he preaches’. In the same vein, Richard understands that achieving the health, energy levels and body that you’ve always wanted, can on first appearances, seem to be a daunting and challenging journey; and thus, he provides a supportive, safe, yet results-focused environment where you can become and better you.

Richard has worked as a Health, Fitness and Nutrition Lecturer, a Health and Fitness Course Developer, Strength and Conditioning Coach (athlete focused) and Nutritional Therapist. He also works widely with lots of the top fitness publications as an author, fitness model and contributing expert.

Always seeking to stay on top of the latest research and trends, Richard uses his experience to provide a personalised training approach which incorporates the most effective ‘evidence-based’ training which is interactive, progressive and will encourage each and every client to explore the boundaries of their physicality.

Richard is the founder of Health-Vitality-Perform and can be reached at

Life Impact

Life Impact

From helping businesses make millions more per week…to helping someone woo their perfect partner who then married them, just by his client using one of his simple body language techniques, Seán Brickell focuses on helping his clients achieve, enjoy and sustain very real and life-transforming results. 

Seán is the Creator & CEO of Life Impact Ltd – a confidence & communication skills training system as well as an international speaker, trainer, coach and author on confidence and communication, as well as the founder of an award-winning communications business.  He regularly appears and speaks at our seminars and is on hand at some of our bigger events with tips and advice when it comes to confidence.

He continues to help thousands of people in organisations around the world strengthen and sustain their practical confidence, communication and personal impact skills so they make a profitable difference to their lives, financially and otherwise. And he regularly appears on the TV, the radio and in the print and online media talking about confidence and communication related subjects.

Seán, who’s an NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, is also an award-winning journalist and broadcaster, having been a network TV newsreader and the UK’s youngest ever on-screen network TV news correspondent, aged just 21.

He’s also been an undercover investigative journalist for national newspapers, exposing multi-million pound frauds and uncovering, often in some earthy and bizarre scenarios, the deeds of some of life’s more colourful and corrupt people!

Seán’s been held at gunpoint a few times by angry men in ugly situations, met and interviewed world leaders, film stars and some of the world’s more bizarre, beastly and beguiling people. And now he also shares these unique experiences and invaluable insights with his clients and many others…helping them and helping you dare, even a little more than you might normally, so you often achieve even greater rewards in your personal and professional lives.