Friends without benefits: new app Smeeters is taking London by storm

Don’t love us Tinder — a new hook-up site taking London by storm lets groups of mates meet with no sex attached, says Phoebe Luckhurst

London is the singleton capital of the UK. Around half the population of London’s 20- to 59-year-olds are single and many of them are hunting furiously—be it for casual sex or serious dates on apps such as Tinder. But it’s not just a search for friends with benefits: some just want to expand existing friendship groups so that dinner parties aren’t a tiresome game of “six degrees of separation”. But it’s hard to do this without submitting to a rota of earnest hobbies and interest clubs.

“In this city people really don’t talk to each other,” observes Sarah Ryan, head of matchmaking at “Romantically, it seems people firstly move to the city to concentrate on their career and barely have time for themselves, let alone their social lives and finding a partner.”