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We are a dating agency that works.

We are a dating agency that works continually to ensure we maximise your chance of finding love. Below are some frequently asked questions that explain how we are different from other dating services and how we can help you.

What is Matchmaking?

Matchmaking is one of the oldest professions in the world and is recognised the world over.  Many cultures and countries have matchmakers in their inner circle who are approached by families to ensure the right introductions are made.  In the UK and USA matchmakers are being employed by time poor professionals who are too busy to spend the many hours needed on the internet to meet a match. Matchmakers are also engaged when social circles are limited or post a break up to ensure the right introductions. Matchmaking in the UK has grown over the last 10 years and is the preferred route to finding love for many people who want to meet like-minded people. Matchmaking is now open to all professionals looking for love with packages to suit most budgets.


What qualifications do you have as matchmakers?

a dating agency that works

Genevieve Zawada, CEO of Elect Club

To run a dating agency that works you need the right training. All our Matchmakers at Elect Club are qualified through the Internationally renowned Matchmaking Institute and our CEO who has been in the industry for over 24 years is a lead trainer now for the Matchmaking Institute.  Our CEO is the only Matchmaker in the UK who is also an internationally qualified Relationship and Life Coach who trains coaches as well as matchmakers worldwide.

Not all Matchmakers will take qualifications seriously and many set up business for the wrong reasons, usually because they are single and feel this is the best way to screen and find love for themselves.

We believe that the high level of qualifications our teams gain give comfort to our members knowing that they are working with professionals.

Elect Club and Genevieve Zawada, our CEO have been finalists for 4 years running for Matchmaking and Coaching awards as well as being recognised as an industry Expert with IDate, running the UK Conference.  Genevieve is an award winning Entrepreneur and Passionpreneur recognised for her outstanding commitment to the industry and such high success rates, which was awarded to her at the prestigious RBS bank headquarters in 2016.

We are members of the Matchmaking Institute and the Matchmaking Alliance which are both Internationally recognised and the only two bodies that are independently run.


What is the difference between Matchmaking and online dating?

The main differences are the confidential personal approach to help you meet the right person and higher success rate with Matchmaking. The time it takes to be introduced to someone that is hand-picked and right for you is far less when you are working with professional matchmakers. Typically matchmaking takes 6 months, however in recent years when members are date ready this has taken significantly less time and many have had success in the first month. Our focus on matchmaking ensures we are a dating agency that works for you.

Other differences are:

–          You know everyone you meet will have been vetted and is who they say they are, as safety is paramount when meeting new people

–          Each person you meet will be matched on the criteria agreed by you with your matchmaker

–          There is no risk of meeting someone who doesn’t look like their photos as we ensure our members have up to date photos in their profiles and are represented accurately

–          Each member has a personal matchmaker who is with them throughout their dating journey with Elect

–          We offer a personalised and bespoke headhunting service

–          We have an active database that increases weekly to ensure a high calibre of members

–          Our Ambassadors work tirelessly to ensure the right people are introduced to Elect members

–          Our commitment, professionalism and passion to ensure you meet someone special is unrivalled in the UK



What type of people will you introduce me to?

Because no two people are the same we ensure we get to know you to create the right matches that will be compatible when it comes to lifestyle, values, beliefs and lifelong goals.


I have no single friends can you introduce me to like-minded people?

Lots of people who come to us at Elect love the fact that we are a Private Dating Club, so you get to meet like-minded friends to meet outside of our events and socialise with.  Many of our members who we have successfully matched still come to events to introduce friends as they love our events and club feel. It is this approach that makes Elect Club a dating agency that works.


Can you find me someone outside of London?

We have members based all over the UK, the majority are based around the M25 as well as in major cities across the UK.  We also attract International clients and work with other international Matchmakers to help make introductions.


Why should we use Elect instead of another agency?

Love is so personal and a personal, pro-active, bespoke service is what we are passionate about.  We only work with members who we genuinely feel we can help.  At the consultation process we ensure we get to know you and help you create the right expectations to realistically introduce you to “your new love”.

Choosing the right Matchmaker who will represent you well and fully understands your needs is essential and this is why we have face to face consultations with everyone who joins Elect Club.

At Elect we offer a discreet, professional, refreshingly honest, supportive and very caring, approach to ensuring you meet the right love for you.  Our members always comment on the “club” feel and know that our events, seminars, coaching and bespoke matchmaking is taken very seriously by all members of our team.  You are our number one priority and we work tirelessly to ensure you are introduced to someone who is just right for you to continue your journey with.  We are with you throughout the process and have regular reviews with our members to ensure they are successful.

Our CEO, Genevieve has been in the industry longer than any other matchmaker working in the UK with 24+ years of successfully introducing couples.

Genevieve is a recognised and leading figure in the industry, regularly featured on TV and is an author and contributor across many industry social media platforms.

Elect brings together not only the Bespoke Matchmaking, but also boasts an unrivalled success rate in the UK.

We head hunt for our clients too

Elect Club has exceptionally high standards, attracting high calibre members who are all serious about meeting the right person.

Elect Club hand picks its members to ensure everyone is date ready and supported in their journey to meet a match that is right for them.

We are a Private Club so our members meet lifelong friends through our events, if they choose to attend events.

As a member you have many avenues open to you to meet the right person, through personalised, bespoke matchmaking, events including our Secret Supper Club, Brunches, coaching and styling.

Our coaches are members of our team, they are not working for any other agency and therefore there is no conflict of interest. Ours is a dating agency that work and our team are 100% committed to you and your dating journey.


How is my personal information kept safe?

Your privacy and our discretion is of paramount importance to us. We are Data Protection registered which means your personal information is safe with us and we only share your information with other members with your permission.   We have an IT team that are constantly ensuring safety is maintained to the highest standard.


What guarantees do you offer?

No one can guarantee that you will fall in love, as it is so personal, however with 24 years of experience, we will only ever invite members to join that we genuinely feel we can help.  We can only guarantee a minimum number of matches, depending on the package you sign up for that will be discussed at the time of your consultation with your personal matchmaker.  With regular reviews, we ensure we get to know you well and work in partnership with you until you are successfully matched.


What happens to my membership if I start dating someone or need some time out?

We simply put your membership on hold.  We are totally flexible and know with busy work schedules and dating you sometimes need to put your membership on hold.  The good thing with our memberships is they are not time limited and limited to the number of introductions per package.


Want to be part of a dating agency that works for you? Contact our team today to see how we can help!

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We all manage first dates relatively well, politely getting to know someone and if we have played our cards right a second date should come in quick succession.  This is really the crunch time and will ensure if you will or will not see each other again, so no pressure on anyone really!  If you follow these top second date tips you really can’t go far wrong.

Here are some key pointers to having a successful second date which will leave them wanting more…

Elect Club’s Top Second Date Tips

1. Being Relaxed is key

No one wants to date someone who is stressed and worried about how they look or what they are saying or not saying. You need to be yourself and not over think things too much about what you are doing right or wrong.  Be natural and don’t try to be something or somebody you are not.  Your date likes you for being you and wants to get to know you better.  One of your top second date tips is to prepare yourself well before the date. Ensure you arrive in plenty of time and are dressed according to what you will be doing on your date.  If you are going straight from work, make sure you get changed and have a fresh look and feel comfortable and look your best. Make sure your phone is switched off or on silent and try not to look at it when you are with your date.

2. Location, Location, Location, venue, venue, venue

Location and venue is key to a 2nd date.  You really don’t want to be sat in a very smart restaurant making small talk, sat miles away from your date, being very polite and wondering which cutlery you should be using.  Choose a location and venue that is fun and not too noisy so you can hear each other.  Try to do something different and light hearted together so you can see what each other is like when you let your hair down.  Our members at Elect Club have been on some great dates including, cocktail making, wine tasting, and walks in lovely locations with a drink en-route, to name but a few.  If food is needed try having a brunch or an afternoon tea, as that is less formal and you can have fun trying something different, even a hot drink and sharing a cake is very romantic! Bowling is a great way to engage and be a bit a big kid at any age.  We have had a number of our members go to cookery classes together for a second date and also if you are in London or a big town try doing something different.  There are some great ideas on Red Letter Days or Virgin Experience days.  In the summer months roof top bars are good and try to work out where all the landmarks are around you.  One of our key second date tips – just ensure you both know exactly where you are meeting and at what time and don’t be late!

3. Communication

Communication is key to anything in life and it couldn’t be more important when dating.  Communicating before the date and building a foundation of trust, fun and comfort so you know more about your date is essential. You should be talking regularly on the phone too, don’t just text or send messages on apps. It is not a good idea to bombard your date with your life story and don’t talk too much about you or your work and whatever you do, don’t try to sell yourself.  Remember to ask questions and be interested in the answers, if you are not and it’s not flowing naturally then it is unlikely you will be having future dates. 

Don’t try too hard, the communication should be easy, light and fun. One thing that lots of people complain about is being inundated with work questions, making it feel more like an interview than a date.  Ensure you are on a date and there is natural flirting and fun in your communication.  At the end of the date make sure you talk about “what next” nothing too heavy, but agree to see each other again if you both get on and make sure you get another date in quick succession. 

Lots of people fail after the second date as they leave too long a gap before they see each other again.  Try to meet up within a few days if you can and take it in turns to find nice dates or agree the next date together.  If you don’t feel you could bear to spend another moment in their company, politely say that you have had a lovely time but you don’t feel you are right together and you want them to meet someone who they would get on better with.  If you are unsure, it’s worth seeing your date one more time and see if there is any tiny spark that can be worked on.  At the end of the day we are not expecting fireworks, but you should be interested and curious to want to know more about them. 

Want to meet someone to spend a second date with? Contact Elect Club to find out how we can help.

survival tips for singles

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Not everyone who is in a Relationship likes Valentine’s Day either! So I have been told by many people, where their “other half” doesn’t believe in celebrating this romantic day but they would like to and therefore it is not made special for them.   Also many people nowadays don’t like all the commercialisation that seems to be associated with this day.  Personally I think that you should show your appreciation for the one you love 365 days of the year and not just on one day, when you feel you have to! Being Single on Valentine’s Day can be really difficult for some singletons, but also for those in relationships too, so here are my top survival tips for singles and those in a relationship for this 14th February. Read more »

new year new you

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New Year’s always brings about an opportunity for change and much needed time for reflection.  We rarely take time out to really think about what we want from life and what we have learned. My advice to all of you is to spend a period of time for you to focus on you and what is important to you, as well as the changes you want to bring in to 2017. Think ‘New Year New You’.

Why Reflection Is So Important

I spent 24 hours away on my own last week to reflect upon the last year and honestly I probably needed another 2-3 days to complete all that I wanted to do, but couldn’t afford the time away from my family.  It did open my heart and mind to what is really important to me and what I fundamentally needed to change and let go of.  It is so important to ditch what is no longer useful and holds us back.  This is never an easy thing to do and even with the experience I have of coaching hundreds of you each year and constantly being coached and mentored myself, this is a tough thing to do.  It was even more important for me to let go of pain from 2016 as having started the year with Cancer, it is one of the biggest wake up calls any of us can get and letting go of the pain and fear it brings is so important.  A New Year affords us so many possibilities and being brave, bold and confident enough to take those first steps can always seem daunting even though we know how necessary it is.

With reflection in mind as we go into January 2017, after what can only be described as the most life changing year in our lifetime, 2016 will go down in history for lots of different and unexplainable reasons.  I hope you can all find time for you this January to nurture the positives in your life and create a solid foundation for you to find love. So, how to achieve a New Year New You?

3 Gifts From Me To You

I always aim to give people the right tools in January to find the right love and attract the right person in your life.  Here are 3 things that I have created that you can take part in or do to change your relationship status, as and when you feel ready to.

  1. Networking and shrugging off the January blues is so important.  Come and join me personally and my selected coaches, to a networking evening with a difference.  On the 10th January we will be holding a New Year, New You soiree, and this year I have decided to change the format to one of drinks networking with thought provoking discussions rather than a seminar.  I want you all to be involved in making your changes and connecting with the people around you who are all looking for the same thing as you.  Love.  Real, unconditional love, and yes it does exist.  In 2016 alone, I personally introduced many couples who are now, engaged, living together and some now married or on track to a lasting and very loving relationship.  I would dearly love to add you to my list for 2017.  Book online on our events page and join us for New Year New You and use the code EARLYBIRD for a discounted place.
  2. My online dating guide, has gone down a storm with so many successful stories coming from people who have followed the easy step by step guide. It is ideal for those who want to try online dating or an App, but don’t know where to start or for those not able to attract the right person and again are not sure why or what is holding them back.  The guide is a practical coaching book that takes you through all the steps you need to create the right profile, choose the best photo and making all important contact with someone online.  Online dating doesn’t work for many because they go about it the wrong way.  This guide really gives you the best chance of finding love online, download your copy here.
  3. If you are serious about finding “the one” and want the expertise and benefits of a professional Matchmaker, then we work with members until they find true love. With a success rate of 90% in 2016 and 20+ years’ experience under our belts we know what is needed to ensure you find the right person for you.  If you want to find out how and if Matchmaking is right for you and understand how it works, then do get in touch.  We are offering free initial 20 minute telephone consultations in January to see how we can help you.  Book you place by emailing and putting 20 min consultation in the subject box.   It will be our pleasure to see how we can support your journey to love.

Finally, we all wish you a wonderful 2017 and a year filled with love, happiness and above all good health so you can enjoy being in love. 

With much love

Geneviève X

winter date ideas

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Our top 8 winter date ideas for the Christmas and Winter Season in London.

Winter dates seem to have a bit of magic in the air, maybe it’s the fact that Christmas is around the corner and everyone wants to be loved up, buying a present for someone special or maybe the cold nights bring more cuddling up.  Whatever the reason it’s a great time to get out and go on some great dates and make the most of the season. To help we have put together our top 6 winter date ideas for making the most of what London has to offer at this magical time of year.

  1. We love, love, love, Winter Wonderland in the heart of Hyde Park as one of our favourite date destinations for the last 10 years.  As this is their 10th Anniversary we are sure there will be extra special things on offer too. This is not only a very romantic setting for winter date idea, but has events and attractions for everyone to enjoy and suits all tastes. There are attractions, fairground rides, amazing shows and also great places to eat and drink.  We love the fact that they even have a winter date itinerary planned out, see here for more details. Open from 10am until 10pm every day from the 18th November until the 2nd January. It is advisable to book online at
  2. Ice Skating at Somerset House is a very romantic thing to do and what a backdrop to get all romantic too! Book early to avoid disappointment.  We love the fact that you can skate during the day or night here and you couldn’t have a better location with great food and drink on offer this is a great date choice. See for more information.
  3. River Cruises or Meals by the Thames. BRRRRRRR we know it’s cold and we know you think we must be mad suggesting this as one of our winter date ideas but we have had events on the River in the winter and with all the lights it’s been magical.  There are floating restaurants, bars and clubs that are on Thames that are stationary and some that depart at certain times every night and not only let you have great food, drink and ambiance but also let you see the sights.  You will never be short of conversation on this date and you can enjoy being tour guides!
  4. Southbank, there is always something going on along the Southbank!  Great pop up food, fabulous free street entertainment and of course the attractions including the London Eye.  Why not mooch around Borough Market and grab some great food or a drink in one of the trendy bars that surround this well-known market thanks to Bridget Jones.  Great backdrop for a few festive selfies along the South Bank too!
  5. Little Feast is a street food festival in an English Garden themed setting in the heart of Shepherds Bush Market.  Guests can enjoy the magic of Christmas outdoors with great street food and heated seats with blankets to cosy up together under the fairy lights.   This venue is open from the 23rd November until the 23rd December.  See Shepherds bush yard, for more information.
  6. The Gardening Society’s Festive forest on the 5th floor of John Lewis in Oxford Street.  Our old friends from Mac and Wild are offering guests private lodges and a fabulous dining experience as well as masterclasses taking place giving guests the opportunity to sample some fabulous fine Whisky.  You can get cosy in a lodge or enjoy the main area.  It is advisable to book early as this one we know will be a sell out with their award winning Veni-Moo Beef and Venison Burgers. To book contact
  7. Vauxhall Winter Village.  One on our list of winter date ideas is this new venue in trendy Vauxhall.  It is open from 10 November until  mid-January from 11.30am until 10pm.  This funky pop up has been created in the Ski lodge theme and even has a Cable car photo booth and fondue stands and fish and chips. This is one venue that won’t break the bank and has lots of things to see and do as well as eat and drink.  You can even go as far and booking your own alpine cabin booths!  There is a Winter Sports Bar, where you can watch the latest winter sports/ice hockey for those that wish to and a festive bandstand. One that is a must do this Christmas time on our list!
  8. Afternoon Tea has always been one our favourite winter date ideas and in the colder months the backdrop with a roaring fire makes it extra magical.  Find a venue that suits your budget and afternoon tea doesn’t have to be expensive or you can go all out, dress up and treat someone to Tea at the Ritz, Savoy, Fortnum and Mason, Claridges or even the Dorchester.  Our favourite venue for afternoon tea is Sketch in the West End.  We do love our afternoon teas!

first date etiquette

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First Dates are always nerve wracking and some people love them or hate them, a bit like marmite. We are always being asked to give date advice and top tips so we thought it about time we tackled the issue of first date etiquette. Here are some essential skills to mastering the art of first dates…

Sky’s Love Talk Show

Recently I was asked to go on Sky’s Love Talk show to give my advice to viewers on first date etiquette. You can see what I said in the following video and also find some essential key points below. Take note, relax and get prepared!


There are some really simple steps you can follow to turn a good first date into a great one.

  1. Speak to each other at least 24 hours before you are meeting so you are comfortable hearing each other’s voice.  Confirm where you are meeting and at what time.
  2. Preparation is key, so ensure you have plenty of time to get ready and ideally don’t go straight from work. This allows you to relax and feel good.
  3. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and make you feel confident.
  4. Smell nice. A little bit of perfume or aftershave is a must.
  5. Brush teeth. Oral hygiene is key.

First Date Etiquette

  1. Smile, everyone likes a smile and a smile says so much more than words.
  2. Don’t eat food, just have a drink, keep it simple, go for a walk, and somewhere you can talk to get to know each other better.
  3. Don’t get drunk on the date or drink before the date.
  4. Be your natural self and don’t pretend to be someone you are not or make out that you are someone else. Relax and be you.
  5. Keep your mobile phone switched off.
  6. Don’t talk about ex-partners or any past relationship disasters or even great past relationships. You are there to know about each other and get to know the date you are on.
  7. Talk about holidays, your hobbies, interests, food, funny things you have done, keep it light and fun.
  8. Avoid talking too much about work or questioning your date about work,  you don’t want it turning into an interview or business meeting.
  9. Ask questions of each other, nothing too deep and meaningful unless you are both in that space, but be curious and ask questions of your dates life, interests and fun things that they like and things that they really don’t like.  Find similarities and share stories with each other so you are comfortable with each other.
  10. Be polite and courteous to each other, Guys remember chivalry it goes a long way.
  11. Girls say thank you if the guy buys you drinks.
  12. If you go in for the kiss on a date, don’t wait until the end of the date, if there is a moment that seems appropriate then just test the water with a light fun flirty kiss and take it from there.

What next

  1. If you like the person you are on a date with say so! Tell them you have had a nice time and want to see them again.
  2. If it hasn’t gone well, be polite and say that you feel it wouldn’t be right to see them again. It’s best to be friends.

Well, we hope you have some good tips to make you feel more comfortable, but essentially be yourself and have fun!

For more information on joining Elect Club or attending our events across London and the UK just use our contact form or call 020 3714 5375.

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Manchester always seem to miss out with Halloween when it comes to singles, whereas London is saturated with parties spanning 10 days over this period.



As one of the first to bring single parties to the market over 20 years ago our CEO, Genevieve Zawada is taking her renowned Halloween Night up North to show them how it’s done.

We are really excited to bring our fun and flirty Halloween night to Manchester and have found a great venue in the Northern Quarter ready to welcome our party goers.

Halloween is the one time of the year that singles really can let their hair down and party hard in disguise and it is also known as one of the nights that many meet their ideal match.  Perhaps it’s the magic of dressing up that makes everyone just that little bit more flirty and fun…

If you fancy a party with a Halloween twist and fancy meeting someone special in the North of the country then this night is not one to be missed.

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Genevieve was invited as a guest onto a Different Kind of Woman where she was talking about life as a matchmaker and age gap relationships, do they work or don’t they? 

Her tips and dating advice was really well received and there is some interesting insight into life as a matchmaker.

Interested in London matchmaking? Find out more about what Elect Club can do for you.

how to be more attractive to women

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Sometimes we just don’t know where we go wrong when it comes to dating.  In our quick guide we cover the main areas on how to be more attractive to women in 5 simple steps.


  1. Personal Hygiene. Personal Hygiene is super important to most Women and it sounds so simple but all too often guys go on first dates straight from work without having had a shower or changing clothes.  This is one of the top complaints we get from the ladies is that the men don’t come on a date smelling fresh.  Remember to wear deodorant and if you can go to have a shower before a date then even better.  At lease change out of work wear, clean your teeth and put on some aftershave.  Trust us the girls really notice it and don’t forget to iron a shirt if you are wearing one.  Dress appropriately for a date too, refrain from wearing your favourite T-Shirt.  Ladies always tend to make an effort so it will look odd if you are dressed inappropriately for the date.
  2. Be Interested. Ask questions about the lady you are out with and be interested in the answers. Don’t question her as if you were interviewing her or if it is a business meeting.  Try to steer clear from talking too much about work. Girls complain about this all the time so it is something you guys need to practice and have good interesting questions that can lead the conversation well.  For example, where has been your favourite destination for a holiday and why or what scares you most?  These are interesting questions and can lead to some relaxed conversation. So, want to know how to be more attractive to women? With a few interesting questions lined up beforehand this really is one of the easiest ways to do it!
  3. Communication is key.  Figuring out how to be more attractive to women isn’t always about looking smart and showing good manners. Text, call and message appropriately. Remember to phone and speak as this is so important when making a lady feel secure. If you are trying to win her heart, then communicate everyday with her and keep things light.  One thing that puts nice girls off is naughty photos, especially if you have never met them.  Guys you may think sexting means sending pics but us girls would rather see a nice smile than anything else.  Keep the element of surprise for when you are both ready to take that next step.  Make her feel special with nice words and gestures rather than naughty images.  Most women would be turned off and run a mile or just use you for sex!
  4. Make time for her.  You may have a diary crammed with work and social appointments but you will never win over this lovely lady if you can’t spend time with her and I’m not talking a few hours a week but proper time.  See each other at least 2 -3 times a week to start off with so you get to know her well and understand what she likes and dislikes.  Do nice and different things together. Try to choose dates that please you both, for example go out for brunch so if things go well you can spend the whole day together.  Afternoon Tea is a lovely date too and can be good fun.  Try to do some activity that you will both enjoy for example visit a zoo or a lovely historical place or garden.  The National Trust has places all over the UK that are open all year and it gives you something to talk about.  You can even try a cookery class or salsa classes together.  Find out what ticks both your boxes or even try something neither of you have done before.  There are plenty of things to do to suit all budgets and appetites.
  5. Make her feel secure and special.  Don’t talk about ex’s or other conquests as it makes a girl feel as if she is being compared.  Complement her on things that please you, don’t say things for the sake of it but if she looks good or you love her smile or eyes then tell her in a nice way.  Chivalry goes along way too, so hold open doors and wait for her to sit down before you do, event better hold her chair open or take her coat. Ladies love a man to be a man and be confident and capable and showing her you value her with a bit of chivalry always scores extra brownie points.  Above all relax, be yourself and natural and enjoy getting to know her.

So that’s it, Elect Club’s top tips on how to be more attractive to women. Have you got any more tips we have missed? Let us know!